Sell your Home Quick and with Maximum Profit by Using All Seasons Real Estate Service in Elkins, WV

Preparing to sell your home is a big decision. Maybe you want to downsize after your kids went away to college. Maybe you are just starting your family and are outgrowing your starter home. Regardless of your reasons to sell your current home, every client desires to get the maximum value for their property. After all, the more money you make on your property sale, the more money you will have to offset the cost of your new home. However, to get the maximum amount for your home, you may have to do a bit of research and some work. You may see your home’s qualities and assets, but maybe your home needs some help showcasing its great features. Our experienced real estate agents are very talented in offering great advice on how to set your home up to catch potential buyer’s attention. Before you invest any money to a makeover or remodeling project, be sure to talk to our agents to see if the work and investment will pay off. Sometimes a coat of paint or a simple decluttering project is all it takes to have your home show ready. For more information on how to get your home ready for sale, please give our office a call or fill out our Online Contact Form for a quick response.

Quick Tips For Preparing Your Home For Sale


Lighting can make or break a home showing. If you have great natural light, put the heavy curtains away and let the natural light pour in. Also make sure lightbulbs are replaced and ample lighting options are available in each room.


Did you always dream of painting your living room hot pink or neon orange? We are sure that design astatic worked great with your décor, but many homebuyers like neutral colors. If your home has a unique color palette, a quick paint job may help potential buyers see past the color to the true beauty of your home. Soft neutral colors also provide a blank canvas so potential buyers can imagine what they would do with the space.


Every homeowner is unique to what they consider an adequate amount of decorations in a room. Our rule of thumb is less is usually more. If you have a lot of art on the walls, collections of vases, candles, and figurines around your home, consider packing some of it away and making your space more minimalistic. Having furniture and some décor is valuable when showing a home. Each room should show purpose, but beyond that, let go of over decorating.


This is very important when desiring to sell your home. Oftentimes cluttered kitchen counters or a garage full of storage boxes takes away from the space the house truly presents. Be sure to check each room of your home and make sure that all areas are free of clutter. This advice should extend to the outside of our home as well. The free open spaces will be inviting to potential homebuyers.


Remember that the first thing potential homebuyers see besides pictures of your property online is the curb appeal of your home. As they drive up to see their potential new home for the first time, your goals should be to impress not distress the potential homebuyer. If they see a lot of maintenance needed on the landscaping, it may cause alarm. Showing that the outside of your home was cared for, reflects positively on the inside of your home.